Classical Fencing Swordmakers and Armourers


Welcome to Benjamin Arms, makers of the highest quality classical fencing swords and accouterments. Our weapons are designed after the meticulous study of 19th century original fencing swords, fencing master’s treatises, and built with traditional construction techniques to bring you the finest classical fencing weapons available.

“Benjamin Bowles is truly an American success story. His love and interest in Classical Fencing directed him to study the criteria and proper construction of an authentic classical fencing weapon. While training as a fencer under the tutelage of both Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez and myself he expressed his desire to learn about the construction of classical fencing weapons. Benjamin received his initial training on how to make grips and assemble classical fencing weapons from us as part of his education. He also carefully studied a large selection of 19th century antique foils from our personal collection, as well as others. His enthusiasm and drive lead him to seek out the knowledge and advice of other experts and learn various aspects of manufacturing. Ben is a person that says what he does and does what he says; a true go-getter and a solutions oriented individual. Always smiling and expressing a positive attitude everywhere he goes.”

Maestro de Armas Ramon Martinez, Martinez Academy of Arms

“As manager and head instructor of a classical fencing club, I always recommend to my new ccf patchstudents that they get their foils from Benjamin Arms. Benjamin’s work is qualify stuff. The handles and coquilles are nearly works of art: whenever one of my fencers gets a new one—a few of us have more than one from Benjamin—we all gather to admire the customized piece. Benjamin’s variety of coquilles—from figure-8 guards to MĂ©rignacs—allow us to explore classical French commentary on seizing the opponent’s blade. Simply stated, given its reasonable prices, Benjamin Arms is the best source for foils for the classical fencer.”

Patrick Morgan, Head Instructor, Columbia Classical Fencing